Alexander Schedler

Munich, Germany

Internet application engineering,
development and management

Javascript (Frontend and Backend),
HTML, CSS, Node, CouchDB

Internet of Blah
Internet of Blah / PURR

Internet of Blah / PURR

  • Role: Frontend / Design / CEO
  • Dates: June 2016 – onwards
Main activities

User Experience and interaction design
Cross platform software development and application engineering.
Web application and architectural consulting.


Conception, engineering and product development of the company‘s product – an indepentend IoT Configuration Platform.
Freelance projects for external clients and IT consulting.
Corporate and Business Development of the startup as a co-founder.

ThinxNet GmbH
ThinxNet GmbH

ThinxNet GmbH

  • Role: UI/UX Product Engineer
  • Dates: June 2014 – June 2016
Main activities

User interface design and usability
User Experience and interaction design
Mobile application prototyping (iOS, Android)
Software development and application engineering


Designing the UI and UX for iOS, Android and HTML5.
Supervising the different teams of native developers to ensure quality as well as a consistent look and feel over all platforms.
Fulfilling the roll of the product owner in our SCRUM workflow.
Supporting the management in the domain of brand building

natureOffice GmbH
natureOffice GmbH

natureOffice GmbH

  • Role: Head of software development, Co-founder
  • Dates: August 2008 - April 2014
Main activities

Software development and application engineering
Requirements engineering
User interface design and usability
Business strategy development


Corporate Development of the startup as a co-founder, focused on the technical domain. Conception, engineering and development of the company‘s products from the beginning with only a few users to today‘s completely cloud based fourth version used by hundreds of corporate customers. Managing the cooperation with external IT contractors. Business development of our South American branch based in Paraguay.

Dynomedia GmbH
Dynomedia GmbH

Dynomedia GmbH

  • Role: Web developer
  • Dates: June 2005 - July 2008
Main activities

Web design and development


Worked in an advertising agency for customers in different industries (e.g. Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe).
Developed an online file management system as second mainstay for the agency.



  • Role: Multimedia Producer, Project Manager
  • Dates: August 2002 - November 2004
Main activities

Project management
Web design
Multimedia Production (CD-ROM)


Started as a multimedia producer with the campaign documentation of the 2002 mayoral election in Augsburg. Worked on web development projects and a candidates state campaign for the elections in 2003. Responsible for municipal content management system projects.

SAE Institute Munich, Germany and
Middlesex University London, UK

Bachelor of Arts Multimedia

August 2001 - May 2004

Contemporary issues and research (M1)
Business management, marketing and legal issues (M2)
Psychology, team management and storyboarding (M3)
Multimedia and education (M4)
Multimedia and Online Production
Graphic design

Personal Skills

and Competences

  • Languages

    German (Mother tongue)
    English (fluently)
  • Social skills

    Analytical and creative thinker
    Empathetic listener and reflective discussant
    Balanced personality even under pressure
  • Organisational skills

    Entrepreneurial mind and decisive planner
    Eager learner of new technologies
    Able to work well-structured also upon deadlines
  • Interests

    Internet culture
    Movie & Cinema

Technologies Overview

Experience and Expertise (extract)

  • HTML / CSS

    Expert with over 10 years of application.
  • Javascript

    Expert with over 10 years of application.
  • CouchDB/CouchApps

    Expert with about 9 years of application.
  • WebComponents / Polymer

    Experienced with about 3 years of application.
  • Riot

    Experienced with about 2 years of application.
  • Vue

    Intermediate with about 1 years of application.
  • Angular

    Expert with about 6 years of application.
  • NodeJS

    Experienced with about 6 years of application.
  • Ruby

    Experienced with about 7 years of application.